COVID-19 has had an impact on ministry in our public worship experience in the sanctuary since March 2020, on public events, and on our general movement as we serve God through the local church.  
We thank you for all the patience and support in our ministry as we navigate the culture that lives in the path of this virus; we do not want to transmit this virus to anyone as we serve God, so part of our service to God and one another, is to listen to God speaking through the science for ways to keep safe from it.  We are prayerful for each person who is this effort, to God be the glory!
We believe this is a great time of witness, even in the days coronavirus, as we embody a faith that tells of God who is among us with grace and mercy, always!
Seek God, Serve God, Share God!
Celebrating 192 Years of Ministry!

In 1830 the First Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church of East Bloomfield was incorporated. The first building was built near Mud Creek in 1836. However, in 1858, it was decided to move the Methodist Church to a site near the Green in East Bloomfield. The project failed and the lumber from the building was sold. Services were held for a time in the old town hall.

In 1859, the Methodist Society purchased the present building. The building had been constructed in 1832-34. The second story for the sanctuary was added in 1867. Memorial leaded and stained glass windows and the window over the pulpit were installed in 1915. A large educational wing with fellowship hall, classrooms, offices, and kitchen were added in 1974.

The building has been preserved through ongoing maintenance and improvements, including vinyl siding in 1986. In 1995, the “Access Project” made possible the addition of an elevator providing easier access to the sanctuary and enabling all areas of our facility to be accessible.

We have Wi-Fi and it is a help to our membership to come and work online, praise God!

We are in prayer to figure what needs to happen next - come and help!

We are faithful to God during COVID-19 and pray for healing and vaccines, patience, and presence during this time of trials in our human community across the planet.