We worship and serve God through mission and nurture.

Bible Study 

We will have a regular bible study on Monday evenings at 7:00pm EST, by ZOOM invitation. We study the lectionary scripture.












Wednesday morning, we will gather for prayer, 10:00, via ZOOM.  Invitations will go out via congregational email. We can all be here, in prayer, for about 30 minutes or as long as it takes. Praise be to God. 

4th Fridays from 7-8:30pm

Bible study with folks who want to explore scripture with art, called Bible Journaling with God.  We use art to decorate bible pages as the spirit calls. Contact the church or Amber Whittemore for more information. 

Some of you have been gathering in homes for bible study, we praise God for this! 

We are grateful for all who are discovering new ways to study and worship the Lord in these days of COVID-19. 

Masks and computers

Tools for ministry have certainly changed since COVID-19; where we recently gathered with our bibles sitting around a big table or  the sofas in the lounge, we now wear face masks in public (thank you to all the people who pulled out fabric and elastic and sewing machines) and gather on Facebook or ZOOM, using digital tools of social media for ministry! 

We are equipped to share the gospel come what may! I praise God for your creative courage and imaginative strength.  Amen!

If you would like some help with ZOOM or Facebook, please contact the office.  We are in search of volunteers who can help with this important ministry among us! God bless!

Soup Delivery

during the winter

The physical isolation we are observing is keeping the virus away, which is a good thing.  However, our spiritual need of connection and connecting is sharpening; it is a loss we share.  This distancing is causing a sense of loneliness  within the congregation as we are unable to visit with family, friends, and our church membership in faith and love.  We are in prayer for creative ways to be reminded of our connection to Christ and one another, even in the days of COVID-19.


We determined that one way to remind ourselves of the spiritual food we need for our wellness is, soup! Free soup delivered to your door on Sunday afternoon, with a devotion, a dessert, and a smile from someone in our congregation! Soup ministry was born! Praise be to God!

Thanks to all the soup chefs who have come forward to cook in our scrubbed down kitchen with masks and gloves on.    And thanks to the many folks who don the same protective clothing, and drive the soup, to you. 

Praise be to God that we are able to knit together in these ways food that feeds us, but using soup, to sustain the body. Amen


 To participate, please contact the church office:

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