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What is Discipleship?

Did you know? "Disciple" means student! Being a disciple of Christ means learning how to love God and one another better.

This is a life-long process, and we learn best when we learn together. At East Bloomfield UMC, we have opportunities to learn more about God and to grow in our faith together at every stage of life. Check out some of the opportunities below!

Girl in Wheelchair

Small Groups

These small groups are geared toward adults, but kids are welcome to come as well! Whether you need to bring your children because of a childcare issue, or because your children want to join a small group themselves, we are happy they are here.

For information on ministries designed specifically for children & families, see our Children's Ministry page.


On a regular basis, we hold various small groups—both short-term and ongoing—to help us deepen our faith and grow together. You may see Bible studies on different books of the Bible, book studies, prayer groups, and more. Below, you'll find information about our currently active groups.

Note that many of these small groups are often on hiatus during the summer.

Current & Upoming Groups

While we don't currently have any ongoing Bible study groups, we do frequently have short term classes focused on a specific theme, book of the Bible, etc.

Crash Course: The Psalms

In January, we'll be starting a six-week deep dive on the prayer book built into our Bible—the Psalter. We'll talk about different types of Psalms each week, where they come from, what the poets were responding to, and how we can use them in our spiritual lives today.

Lunchtime Prayers

Starting December 6th! We'll meet in the sanctuary and online at 12:15pm every Tuesday for just a few minutes of worship based on the monastic prayer book. We'll sing a hymn, read some psalms, and end with prayers for the world and ourselves. Stop in for a moment of centering and quiet in the midst of your busy week.


Seeking Volunteers

Is there a new small group you'd like to see at our church? Are you feeling called to lead it, or do you know someone who would be good at it? Let us know!


Nervous, or unsure where to begin? Don't let that stop you! Our pastor and lay leadership can help you plan your small group and prepare for leading it.

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