Our Connections

As a local United Methodist congregation we belong to a “Connectional System” that unites us in ministry with other United Methodist congregations. We join them in the mission of making Disciples of Jesus Christ.  

The Connectional System enables us to share in valuable resources and opportunities for ministry. Within our geographical area the East Bloomfield United Methodist Church joins with 79 other United Methodist churches in forming the Genesee Valley District. Our Genesee Valley District then joins with eleven other Districts (geographic groupings of United Methodist churches) to form the larger body known as the Upper New York Conference.

A portion of the financial contributions from our local congregation are added with those from other United Methodist churches to establish ministry and meet practical needs within our region, nationally, and around the world. The Connectional System faithfully enables us to be partners in ministry and mission efforts that we would be unable to maintain or support as an individual congregation.

If you would like to learn more about our Connectional System, the Genesee Valley District, the Upper New York Conference, or the United Methodist, please check out the links listed below.

Thank you for your participation and prayer support in this vital, connectional ministry that is a practical expression of God's grace and love!



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